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SIANJIA become trusted supplier for ERIELL

Author:SIANJIA FLOW CONTROL PublicTime:2015-11-25 Views:1030

On Nov.13th 2015, ERIELL Group pay a visit at SIANJIA for company inspection.
ERIELL GROUP is seeking new valve supplier for 2016 planning project in Russia and SIANJIA become one of its target partner.
The visitor is shown with our advanced processing equipment and finished products mainly focusing on metal seat ball valve. 
By making report for ERIELL GOURP about SIANJIA's capacity, the group will have a full view for SIANJIA.
At Nov.25th 2015, 10 days after the inspection, ERIELL GROUP inform SIANJIA that we have already passed the supplier inspection and be listed as approved supplier for the 2016 project.